Edbertho Leal-Quiros, Ph.D

Faculty, California State University, Fresno

Research Scientist, University of California, Merced

Email: equiros@csufresno.edu 

Badrad Oganyan

Email: bakothegreat@mail.fresnostate.edu  

High energy electron shielding using electro-active materials

Rajdeep Mehal

Email: Mehalrajdeep@mail.fresnostate.edu   

ZnO based micro-composite thin films

David Martinez

Email: dmrm2312@mail.fresnostate.edu   

Fabrication and characterization of Pb free-perovskite solar cells

Sankha Banerjee, Ph.D

Assistant Professor, California State University, Fresno 

Office: EE 274

Phone: 559-278-4265

Email: sankhab@csufresno.edu

Siddharth Mageshkumar

Email: sidmack_94@mail.fresnostate.edu   

Graphene based flexible composite thin films

Yanan Gao

Email: gyn199199@mail.fresnostate.edu  

​Position: Graduate Researcher

Fabrication of a Graphene based water purification system

Former Group Members

Walker Tuff

Email: walkertuff@mail.fresnostate.edu  

ZnO nanowire and BaTiO3 based flexible electro-active thin films

Emma Van Fossen

Email: emmavanfossen@mail.fresnostate.edu 

Plasma micro-discharge based surface modification of electro-active thin films

Primary Researchers

Dalton Graham

Email: djfgraham@gmail.com 

Position: Undergraduate Researcher  

Absorption and shielding of high energy electrons using electro-active composites

​​Current Position: Technical Sales Engineer,


Mengdi Zhao

Email: zhaomengdi@mail.fresnostate.edu 

Fabrication of a Graphene based water purification system

Martin Othart

Email: mrothart@gmail.com   

​Position: Undergraduate Researcher

Absorption and shielding of high energy electrons

Current Position:  Engineering Consultant, Castaneda Engineering

Sandeep Mohan

Email: sandeepms@mail.fresnostate.edu 

Position: Graduate Researcher  

Microplasma based surface modification of ZnO-epoxy composites

Nicholas Marshall

Email: h2opolonick@mail.fresnostate.edu   

Plasma micro-discharge based organic particulate removal in waster water

Diego Ruggiero

Email: diegorugg@mail.fresnostate.edu    

Acoustic absorption based characterization of electro-active materials using an impedance tube

Daniel Apuan

Email: skumar137@mail.fresnostate.edu 

Corona discharge based water purification and removal of organics

Randy Martinez

Email: randy2312@mail.fresnostate.edu  

Reproducable high efficiency Pb-free perovskite solar cells 

Yerli Cervantes

Email: yerlicerv@mail.fresnostate.edu   

Novel Pb-free electro-active composites

Graduate Researchers

Undergraduate Researchers

Jaspreet Badesha

Email: jbadhesha@mail.fresnostate.edu  

Acoustic absorption characteristics of ZnO based electro-active composites

Adithya Katakam

Email: katakamadithya@mail.fresnostate.edu  

Corona discharge based surface modification of ZnO based composite thin films

Christian Ramirez

Email: c_ram5@mail.fresnostate.edu  

​Position: Undergraduate Researcher

Investigation of PZT and BNT-BT Based Electroactive Materials

​​Current Position: Engineer, Chrysler Institute of Engineering at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 

Sanjeev Kumar

Email: skumar137@mail.fresnostate.edu 

Fabrication and processing of Graphene and ZnO based electro-active materials